Yesterdays Aerosol Activity

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I couldn’t understand it at first.. I mean usually these things fly early in the morning and late at night. I always assumed (yeah, yeah I know….) this was to aide in their keeping a low profile. It makes sense; do your dirty deeds at a time when few people will see you. But yesterday was different. Boy was it different. There were so many planes flying that I couldn’t keep up with them! I managed to get some good pictures but I missed something very important. Something I had never before seen. I saw a chem-liner fly directly overhead and it had a dead straight line emanating from it’s nose out to infinity! The plane was inside a cloud and this line was clear (!) but when the line reached open sky past the cloud it was black in color. Strange. Some type of laser guidance for a drone? Interesting to say the least.
Now back to the frequency of chemical sorties yesterday. I was standing by my firepit watching the beautiful full moon through my telescope when it hit me; “they” want to infect as many people as possible and tonight they KNOW thousands upon thousands of people who normally would be inside asleep are going to be outside awaiting the lunar eclipse! They were going for maximum penetration of their nano-crap. We are dealing with some cold-hearted bastards folks….


Hello world!

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