Numbers In The Plasma

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Numbers In The Plasma

This photo shows the number “34” in the holographic inducing plasma created by the smart dust and metal particulates released from the aerosol spraying craft.. (AKA “chemtrails”). The technology is akin to creating an LCD (liquid crystal display) ANYWHERE they want. Think of the implications… If they want mankind to believe extraterrestrials are here, all they have to do is program the laser to create holograms of aliens. The numbers prove this is a man-made deal – afterall, why would an alien race advanced enough to come here need to number the plants?


Hiding In The Plants Eh?

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Hiding In The Plants Eh?

When i saw this image – taken in September last year – I thought one of the “Termites” from Galaxy Quest had landed in my bushes. What I am finding in ALL my plantlife is incredible..Please see all my images..

Orb Releasing Aerosols At Night

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Orb Releasing Aerosols At Night

Taken with digital night vision and a simple digital camera, I caught this craft creating a chemtrail. The chemicals in the spray are very luminescent and fluorescent. If you go outside on a night that follows a day of heavy aerosol activity, you can use a black light to see all the chem-debris on you and your clothing.

Entities Emerging Out of The Plasma

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Entities Emerging Out of The Plasma


Tree Entities (Again)

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Tree Entities (Again)

I see these things virtually every night when I venture outside with my night vision..

The Grid (Plasma) Visible In The Tree

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The Grid (Plasma) Visible In The Tree

Here you can see the plasma clearly visible in the tree..

More tree Top Entities

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More tree Top Entities

Are they real…or are they holograms?

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