Back in 2009, I discovered something quite extraordinary, and equally frightening, was happening to me.  My fingers began to throb with pain – sharp pain – after I had completed a metal working project.  Thinking i had gotten metal shards in them, I began to closely examine the areas of pain, looking for the culprits.  What I found weren’t metallic shards at all, but were these ultra thin (maybe a quarter the diameter of a human hair) siler colored fibers buried deep beneath my skin.  Being into electronics, I happened to have a cool pair of tweezers that had a magnifying glass made onto them.  When i began to extract these fibers I was both amazed and terrified to find them moving around as though they were alive.. I immediately hit the world wide web in search of ANYONE else who may have experienced this.  I stumbed upon the Jeff Rense site and the section on “Morgellons Disease”.  BINGO!  I started going down the symptoms list and it was a revelation to me – “high pitched tone in the ears”- yep – After years of loud rock and roll, road racing – mostly rotary engined cars which are ear bleeding loud – I had figured that I was simply paying the price for all of that, but nope.. I hadn’t done it to myself – Something else – or someone else, had.

I don’t have that many personal “rules to live by” but one of the most critical ones happens to be “I don’t mind dying, I just don’t want to be killed”.  If something, or again – someone, IS trying to do me bodily harm I had to know who.. I kind of knew the “what”, but I had to know the why.  As you might imagine, this led me down a rabbit hole that is so deep, twisty, and increasingly crowded ( come on in – there is ALWAYS room for one more!) that right now in 2014 – some five years later – I still haven’t resurfaced.  I may not.  What I have found, and what i continue to find, is mind blowing to say the least.  I have always felt that I had a pretty good grasp on things, but not so much anymore.  As “J” says in Men In Black;  (I know) there is some next level shi* going on around here, and i am down with that..”  as am I, however, keeping the truth from me because you assume i cannot handle it really irks me.. to the point that I, being a stubborn bastard all my life, will go to the ends of the earth to find out the aforementioned “W”s of whatever this stuff is.  At least I do feel that I have made some progress – please read on.

About the same time that I discovered intelligent fibers growing beneath my skin, I happened to glance skyward one afternoon and see the entire area covered in a criss-cross checkerboard of what i had always assumed were condensation trails from aircraft.  I am a child of the sixties.. back when the great world war two was still on people’s minds, and many of the toys were based on aircraft from that era.  I loved airplanes – especially fighter aircraft from that time. ( the P-38 Lightning was my personal favorite but I digress)  So i knew about condensation trails (con-trails for short).  I also knew that I had never seen one that wasn’t disipating behind the source aircraft, and I mean immediately disipating.  Never did i see contrails linger in the sky for hours on end, much less watch them morph into fake clouds that cover the sky.  What was going on?  Back to the world wide web.  I typed in “abnormally long lasting condensation trails” and got several responses.  One in particular caught my eye:  NASA.  If ANYONE knew about these things, NASA would.  I clicked on their home page.

“Condensation trails ( or contrails for short) are formed when the water molecules in the exiting hot jet exhaust mix with the sub-freezing air (-30 C) and then freeze, forming ice crystals.”  “Contrails are extremely rare in the Southern United States.”  “Contrails seldom linger more than a minute”.  Was what i read on the NASA page.  I may have paraphrased somewhat, however we may never know because this ISN’T what NASA is saying now.  They changed their website, apparently to lend credibility to the notion that condensation can remain aloft for hours.  I cry foul.  this is simply not possible.  So what is going on?  Why would NASA suddenly stand behind what known science says is impossible?  What are they covering up?  WHY?  Once again, back to the infamous “W”s..

I spent hour after hour, day after day researching these strange trails in the sky, reading everything from Wil Thomas’ blog to the excellent section on chemtrails at the Jeff Rense site.  They ARE real, I assure you.  I read rep Dennis Kucinich’s bill which attempted to outlaw chemtrails, referencing them as “exotic space weapons”.  When a United States elected official not only says they exist, but tries to BAN them, they have credibility in my humble opinion.  I read where they are full of viral contaminates, exotic laboratory produced spores for God-knows-what, and all kinds of nasty stuff.  The problem was proving it.  you can’t follow behind an airplane with a zip-lock bag and collect samples.  So how could this be done?  I had an idea – with apologies to Blood Sweat and Tears, I formulated that what goes up, must come down.. Collect rain samples!  

I collected dozens of rain samples.  I found that, oddly enough, it always seemed to rain the day after I would spot heavy chemtrails in the sky.  Meanwhile I am steadily extracting some pretty bizarre samples from beneath my skin.  I still had not connected the two, but one particular day as I was peering through the microscope at what I collected from the rain dish, I saw it.  A fiber IDENTICAL to the silver wiggling ones I had originally extracted from my skin!  “Oh my God”, I recalled thinking, “what have i stumbled upon?!”.  The notion that “morgellons disease” was tied to whatever was being sprayed into our skies was not a popular hypothesis!  One particular website that featured morgellons specimens actually posted that anyone suggesting that chemtrails were responsible for this condition would be kicked off and banned.  the author clearly admitted that he didn’t know where this “disease” came from, but he KNEW it COULDN’T come from chemtrails.  It is this exact type of closemindedness that allows the ones responsible to continually perpetuate the “it’s just an internet conspiracy theory” baloney that stops john Q public from searching for the truth.  It disgusts me, it sickens me, and it infuriates me.  I am going to do everything in my power to stop it, so help me God.