I can’t really begin to count the number of drafts I have saved on here.. times where I had sat down, fully intending to write something that would let the world have a peek into MY world – a world that has become a living nightmare.  Yet I never finished them – just like I never finish ANYTHING anymore.. it seems I am unable to complete a single task.  I have been this way most of my life, just not<em> this</em> bad.  It really started progressing after I found the fibers in my hands back in two thousand nine.  The realization that my body had been infested with some type of nefarious intelligent organism, a man-made nefarious intelligent organsim, really sent my mind into crisis mode – where it has essentially been ever since.  Not good.  

I am not wealthy… I am, however, not poor either.  I live in a modest home, I run my own business, or at least I used to run it, these days my wife (infested with them too but without the strange manifestations) runs the business.  Thank God for her.. she is the voice of reason in a world that loses more of it’s sanity daily.  If not for her I would be living with my only living parent;  my Mother.  You see, I am incapable of critical thinking, which is exactly what “they” want.  There is a three minute George Carlin video where he explains – as only he can – exactly what is going on.. and he is right.. Like most GC bits, it’s full of foul language, but he gets the point across, ending with “it’s a big club, and we ain’t in it…”  

see it here:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsL6mKxtOlQ  

As usual I have wandered off topic again.. so let me attempt to get back on track here.  I am seeing things in the plants.. entities of some type. I tried to build a database of them, breaking them down into types by shape, but I never completed the task.  It’s like I have OCD, then chronic fatigue syndrome.. and I just can’t get going.  It’s horrible.  I have amassed over a TB of data on these things.. But I can’t seem to organize them into presentable groups, other than the odd youtube video I post from time to time.  Speaking of YouTube, It refuses to allow me to comment on anyone else’s work.  When I click the comment box, it says “opening” but never does.  Hmmm..  Go figure… So where was I?  Oh yeah.. wandering off topic..<shrug>;.. Do you remember back a few years ago when dozens of the worlds top microbiologist’s died?  I recall reading where the odds of that many people who were experts in the exact same field of study dying within weeks of each other were too high to calculate.  I think I know why they were killed.  They were killed because they would’ve recognized the alteration of all the insects, the animals, and the plants on this planet.  Yes, the earth is being terraformed and life on this rock is either being changed, or killed.  

Last year (or was it two years ago..or three?)  I found a baby lizard in my home – compliments of my kitten (at the time) Archie, an orange tabby tomcat who hunts insects with a passion.  This little lizard had a white fiber growing out of his belly and running up to his head where he had crossed his front legs, as though he was trying to fend off this thing.  A few weeks ago I found a dead spider in my hallway, and he was covered in fibers.. I have taken pictures and videos of squirrels which show strange things in their fur, as well as fibers growing out of their bodies, sparkling as the sunlight hits them.  I have put down no less than five pets since two thousand nine, one being a labrador retriever that was full of fibers.  We took her to Auburn University’s veterinarian school, where the instructors kept her two weeks, releasing her and explaining to us that they had no idea what had infected her, only that it was neurological.  One of the cats we lost had alot of nasal drip, so I managed to get some on a slide.  There in front of me were the exact same looking round spores that I had seen time and time again from my own body fluids.  I printed off one of the pictures and took it with me to my (local) vet, where he said “oh that’s cancer.. I have seen that before” .. Was he BS’ing me?

The latest video I posted on youtube is one showing a brightly glowing pseudo cloud tear-assing across the sky (OK maybe that was a bit extreme.. wafting across the sky is more accurate) then stopping as it interacted with the treetops next door.  I have dozens of videos showing this.  What happens is this:  when we have severe weather, the pseudo clouds fly through and they seem to contain these entities – the exact same looking ones (albeit larger) than the ones I continually extract from my body!  These “clouds” zip across the sky, drifitng on what is usually a very stiff breeze.. then they go to the various trees where I have seen and taken images of the various beings that reside there.  There is some type of interaction between the cloud and the treetops – just what – I don’t know.. I have also discovered that by shooting images in INVERTED color, you can see the beings whereas in normal color you cannot.  I believe that this is basically the same as backwards masking – putting sentences into music backwards, where the mind subconsciously picks it up even though we don’t “hear” it… This comes from Aliester Crowley’s Book of The Law..  An instruction manual for all the satanists.  The dark lord wants his people to practice doing everything backwards from the normal (non demon loving folk) people.. things like walking backwards and talking backwards.  It makes sense to me that these entities – whether real or holographic – can only be seen when viewed in reverse coloration settings.  

I will try and post more – whether anyone actually reads this or not – because I need an outlet… Despite my sending emails to all the usual suspects in the conspiracy field, I have yet to have anyone take interest in what I am experiencing..  It is disappointing but not unexpected.. I know that there WILL come a time when they will desperately want to know, and if I am still around I will tell them.


thanks for reading-