I have always considered myself a rational person.. weird?, sure..strange?  perhaps.. but rational nonetheless.. However, all the things I have witnessed over the past five years have really stretched my interpretation of “rational”.. You might even say that my paradigms have become unhinged.  The fact is, something of major importance is happening on this planet, and it’s very fate hangs in the balance. I don’t know why I see the things I see – the fact that I see them is enough for me, especially considering what it is I am seeing.  The fact is, I feel compelled to go outside each night and watch the sky, and the trees, and the plants with my night vision.  How is this possible?  Who or what is doing the compelling?  I don’t know… What I DO know is that from time to time something will pop into my head – some factoid of major significance – and my own inner monologue will state it silently inside my mind.  For example:  I was washing dishes (something that I can still manage to do wothout screwing it up too badly) a few weeks ago.. I had nothing on my mind except the tupperware bowl I was having a hard time cleaning.. when out of nowhere, in my own voice, came the statement:  “they are delaying full implementation of the affordable care act until they are satisfied that everyone is fully infected with their aerosoled plagues”…   Wow… that DOES make sense… By the time people figure out that their doctors don’t have a clue what is going on with them, and only after spending thousands of dollars on pharmaceuticals that only worsen their problems, they get the news that their insurance is either cancelled or is no longer affordable.  That is, in essence, a death sentence.. DEPOPULATION folks.. plain and simple… Where did that thought come from?  Was that placed in my head via the bad guys and their technology?  If so, why tell me something that they are trying to keep hidden?

Since I am baring my soul here I might as well lay it all out there… Here is what I am thinking is going on:

Chemtrails are not being sprayed by conventional aircraft.. Oh I am sure some of the weather modification chemicals are being delivered via commercial jets, but the bad stuff is NOT.  Of the thousands of chemtrails being released over my head NONE of the craft releasing them have been on the FAA radar screen.. NOT ONE.. Even allowing for the mandatory five minute delay, not one commercial carrier has sprayed overhead in my area.  What I HAVE seen releasing the strange trials are NOT normal aircraft.. perhaps they are holograms, I don’t know.. But I have images of these craft that appear to show several strange beings arranged in such a way as to mimic the shape of an airliner.  Beyomd bizarre… But it gets better.. or worse actually… I have gone back and looked at pictures of chemtrails that appear to show interaction between beings in the chemtrails and chemclouds that zip across the sky and “dock” with the trails.  Large reptilian looking beings appear in many of the chemclouds, as well as various other strange shaped entities.  I know that our minds can create order out of chaos when it comes to the whirly shapes of clouds, but I also know that the odds of seeing the EXACT same shape in dozens upon dozens of clouds is astronomical to say the least.  Are these holograms too?  Have “they” permeated the whole planet with smart dust so they can create an alternative matrix – using a computer to control every single mote, making it look like whatever they want it to look like?  That is a big question that deserves an answer.

Las year I found a baby lizard in my house.. actually, Archie my orange tabby tomcat (who was a kitten at the time) found it.. it was dead yet not yet stiff.  Coming out the reptiles belly was an opaque colored fiber.  It came out just ahead of his hind legs and snaked it’s way up to his head.  The little lizards front legs were crossed – as though it was blocking the fibers attempts to do..well, something.  This find was the first of MANY small animals, bugs, birds, insects, and even squirrels that had been compromised by these fibers.  I have lots of squirrel images that when you zoom in on them, what you see is unbelievable:  their coats are full of reptilian looking entities.  Are THESE holograms?  Or are these fibers taking over the planet?  What if the fibers are simply a weapon of some type of hostile alien race that desires to terraform earth.. but only after depopulating it?  Perhaps they are planning on keeping a few of us around for a barbeque.. Dunno….Sometimes when i look at all that I pick out of me, I feel like i am being used as a human incubator for these bastard’s children.  God, I hope not… if so there will come a time to pull the plug, if you know what I mean…