Another day, another miserable freaking day. The bio-film that covers most of my body prevents me from cooling off during these “heat index” days of one hundred degrees plus. How is the uber accurate digital thermometer in my German made automobile can read one hundred and one, while the talking heads on the local network insist that it’s in the low nineties? Why does the Weather Channel, once renowned for it’s incredibly knowledgable meterorolgists and their impressive weather acumen, now fills it’s blocks of programming with REALITY TYPE SHOWS? Why? One of the local television weatherpersons confided that she “doesn’t have a clue what is going to occur with the weather anyomre” … How is this possible?

How indeed?

How can the temperature at eight o’├žlock at night be higher than the temperature at seven? Isn’t the hot air supposed to be supplanted by cooler air in the evening? It used to be… Things have changed, in case you haven’t noticed. Why? While I cannot offer you definitive answers, I can share some observations with you which just might connect some dots.

“chemtrails” .. While I am not totally convinced that all of the craft I see releasing aerosols are your standard 757 or KC10 type aircraft, I do know that some are, and these are being used in weather manipulation operations. See, “global warming” IS real, because they are creating it. Why would they do that? In a word, GREED. Look for carbon taxes in the future – taxes on everything they consider harmful to the environment.. your power bill will most certainly grow, your garbage collection fees will increase, and virtually every area “they” can link to this bogus GREEN initiative will be affected. They want your money.. ALL of it…
Secondly, as I am lead to understand, they are increasing the temperature in order to melt the polar ice caps. This will facilitate the extraction of oil and natural resources, nevermind the occasional ecological disaster when one of their tankers runs aground. Speaking of ecological disasters, I am positive that our television screens will soon be filled with images of starving polar bears, crying out in sheer disbelief as their home melts away. The sheeple will be so filled with guilt upon seeing these images, that they will whip out their credit cards and send money to these organizations, totally unaware that less than a quarter on the dollar ever
gets through the maze of corporate executives and their six digit salaries. The powers-that-be are probably giddy over all of this…

And what of the craft that are spraying our skies that bare little resemblance to any know airliner? These vessels are flying at twelve hundred to fourteen hundred miles per hour (three to four times the top speed of a 757!) and emit more toxic emmissions than a machine of that size could possibly hold. So what are these things? I have no idea… Okay, well I have an idea but that notion is so far out in left field that I hesitate to write the words. But write I must, and do so NOW.. What if these things are extra-terrestrial in origin? What of they are terraforming the planet? Making it the way THEY like it.. Just like in the movie “The Arrival”.. The one line in that movie that brings chills to me is this one: “If you humans cannot take care of your planet, you do not deserve to live here” .. (paraphrased as my morgellons riddled brain can no longer guarrantee accurate results). It makes sense. Haven’t you noticed the dying plant life? The soil’s ph is so acidic that everything is dying. The nano aluminum in the aerosols are the culprit. The forest fires that seem to be too hot to extinguish are being fed by this same cocktail of nano-aluminum, which, by the way, is used as an accelerant in explosives.

I have almost two terrabytes of data which substantiates these ideas. Images of insects gone mad, white fibers permeating their bodies – even coming out of their compound eyes! Lizards with fibers coming out of their bodies, wrapping around their heads. For about a year I have been startled to hear metallic thuds when outside on my patio. Finally I discovered the source of this noise: these big flying beetle like insects, with fluorescent colors on their abdomens, are flying full speed into the big steel beams which hold up my aluminum awning. They hit with such force that it sounds like someone threw a rock onto my canopy. Sometimes after striking these beams they’ll get back up and do it again. Most times, however, they are dead after initial contact. Personally I believe they are killing themselves.. killing themselves because they too are riddled with these white fibers… They cannot handle the pain, either physical or mental.. and I know EXACTLY how they feel.