Life certainly gets in the way, doesn’t it?  Well I am here to tell you, so does death.. and death is a constant in the America of 2016/2017.  The more I research the more I am convinced that a plan to depopulate this planet is up to speed and grinding right along.  I have attended more funerals in the past two years than I have in the previous fifty something.. is it because I am getting older and all the people I know are now older and thus it was their time?   Perhaps… but when a man just five years older than me walks into an ER complaining that he “doesn’t feel good”, is admitted, and seven days later a couple of his vital organs fail, ending his life… that ain’t normal!  Yes folks the great culling has begun..

I have a neat little RF meter that also happens to register EMF’s.  When I set it on the kitchen table, which interestingly enough is perfectly situated between the smart meter hanging on the outside of the house (just through the wall) and my (ancient) microwave oven in the kitchen, the thing goes bezerk!  It pegs the needle.. Hmmmm, could smart meters be somehow designed to interact with the microwaves of homeowners, thus filling them with radiation?  It would’t surprise me…

Speaking of microwaves – did you know that Russian citizens are not allowed to have them?  The Russian government (which seems to actually like their citizens and do things to keep them around) deems them “unsafe” and prohibits their use..

SOME*  of the planes that are releasing the aerosols do NOT appear to be conventional aircraft while SOME* of them DO.  Most of them have no FAA mandated registration numbers, windows, or any features at all.. It reminds me of the description several witnesses gave of the craft that struck the world trade center tower on 11 September 2001.  (“military”, “no windows”) and there may be more than just a passing resemblance between the two..  There is much proof that there were no actual airliners used that day .. the holographic images of airliners were created and used to cloak the missiles that hit the buildings.. The technology DOES exist.  In regards to aerosols, or “chemtrails”, is this same technology being used?  For me the question is what is actually doing the spraying and why do they feel the need to hide it?  Many of the craft I am shooting appear to have monster like things either attached to them, hanging off of them, or growing FROM the craft itself.

In this image you can actually see the vertically slit pupil in the eye of whatever this creatures happens to be..


A closeup of one of the dozens of chemliners flying sorties over Montgomery Alabama that day…

Look at the long white thing hanging onto the rear of the fuselage on this airliner


Here is another airliner with a similar passenger on it’s rear.  The way this one glows reminds me of the morgellons fibers that I examine under the microscope.  These things fluoresce and luminesce so brightly that any incoming light has to be carefully controlled.



If you are reading this,  THANK YOU!!!!